Festival Rules and Info


Over 18s only. Children aged 11 or under can enter free of charge when accompanied by a parent. Right of admission reserved.


Any alcohol, drugs, glass, weapons of all kinds and sharp items are strictly forbidden at the festival area. Security will do their absolute best to ensure your safety, but it's you who is responsible for your own well-being and your personal items.


The festival is taking place in the nature, therefore, its visitors must protect the surroundings, not litter and make sure to pick their trash up.


Due to respect for nature and others you are allowed to park your car only in the designated areas. It is forbidden to  park your car on the side of the road. Parking is free of charge. VIP parking is available for an additional fee of 20 EUR. Please put your parking ticket on your car’s dashboard along with your phone number so that we can contact you in case of an emergency.


Campervans are allowed only in designated areas (see map). Festival is taking place in the nature and no electricity will be available for campers.


Camping is allowed in designated areas only! Please respect the nature and leave the place as you found it.


Only build fires in designated areas. Be careful with the fire and please protect the nature.


Friendly and well-fostered pets are allowed in the event.


Food trucks and bars will be open until dawn. You'll be able to experience different cuisines, a variety of snacks and drinks without breaking your bank. Vegetarian and vegan options available. While some of the vendors will have an opportunity for you to pay by card, you are advised to have some cash, too.


Think before you sink!


BE SAFE LAB helps you stay healthy, hydrated and educated. Be smart when taking alcohol or drugs. Keep an eye on how your body’s responding and make sure to always stay hydrated – dancing dehydrates you quickly and so does the alcohol. We’ll provide free water bottles to help you out. We know that dancing all night long is fun, but don’t forget to also make time for a good rest (in your tent or in one of our hammocks) and a nice, hearty meal. Always take good care of yourself and those around you. If you see someone feeling unwell, give them a helping hand and take them to BE SAFE LAB. We promise to take good care of anyone in need and guarantee complete confidentiality. If you’re unsure about your alcohol levels, we’ll help you determine whether you are safe to drive. Perhaps you just fancy a cup to tea and a nice chat in a safe environment? We're also at your service! Furthermore, feel free to visit us if you have any questions about alcohol, drugs or STDs and a dedicated team will be more than happy to answer them.


We know you’re super excited for the upcoming weekend, and so are we! Chances are, some of us have already started packing, so, before you begin, let us quickly remind of the essential stuff you might want to grab with you. Supplement your usual toiletry bag with ultimate travel life-savers, such as wet wipes, dry shampoo, hand sanitiser and lots of tissues – these will help for when you don’t want to queue for the showers. Also, do ensure you’ve got some change for when you’ll decide to wash all the dancing away – showers will be available for a small fee of 3 EUR. Sinks with running water will be around the area, so make a use of them and wash you hands as much as possible – you wouldn’t want to miss some headliners because of an infection, would you? If, however, you start feeling unwell, head to the vehicle with an ambulance sign on it and allow the attentive medical staff on duty to take the best care of you. Remember, they’re there to get you back on the dance floor as quickly as possible!


There will be an ambulance on duty throughout the festival, so if any unpleasant adventure occurs, don’t panic or be scared – simply seek for a car with an ambulance sign on it.


Lithuanian nature in summer is fantastic, we all know that. Unfortunately, mosquitoes know that too, and boy do they love a good outdoor party. If you'd rather party with your friends than the biting bugs, we highly recommend grabbing a bottle (or two) of insect repellent on your way to the festival. You can find them almost in any shop. Also, do ensure you close the net of your tent at all times, as otherwise you might have some unpleasant company while sleeping. Remember, you can’t dance the mosquitoes away (we’ve tried that), so better be prepared!


The tiny ticks, which usually stay unnoticed, can cause more harm than you could think of. The good news is that you can protect yourself! There are vaccines available that will help you build immune system against Lyme disease and Tick-borne encephalitis, both of which are carried by some of the ticks. Long sleeves, pants and socks are also practical when it comes to preventing getting those ticks on you. And finally, share some love with your friends and check each other out regularly – it’s the best way to ensure no unwished little creatures are occupying your body! And remember that bug repellent spray we advised you to take with you? Some of them work against ticks, too, so have a look on the label and, of course, don’t forget to use it!


All Supynes merchandise will be available for purchase at the festival. The location of the merchandise kiosk will be specified in the Guide provided at entrance. For your convenience, the shop will be equipped with changing room and mirrors.


Enjoy Sūpynės at the festival area only.